Treble Cone: Bluebird Days, Whiteout Days It’s a classic Treble Cone, ‘bluebird, powder day’. A day many of us in Wanaka live for. As the bus arrives at the base of Treble Cone I can see snow-capped mountains visible for miles, stretching beyond the distant horizon. My gaze rests on Lake Wanaka. Like a mirror, […]

It is in our nature as humans to underestimate the work required for success. In the present day, it is a common stereotype that the millennial generation is the most entitled generation. Many people would also say that millennials are lazy and do not know the value of hard work. The men I have chosen […]

1.1 Written Text Essay 2017 Question 3: Describe a place or time where a character felt very comfortable of uncomfortable in the written text. Explain how techniques helped you to understand the character’s reaction. Note: Techniques could include figures of speech, syntax, word choice, style, symbolism, structure, or narrative point of view. In the book […]

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI has long been the subject of many science fiction movies, most famously shown in the Terminator series when we see the “Rise of Machines”;[SLIDE 1]  AI becomes self-aware and seeks to overrun and destroy the human race. However, most science fiction movies have human beings at the helm of […]

In chapter 8 of “Touching the Void” the use of tone is used in different passages. The chapter focusses entirely on Simon’s perspective and how he feels after cutting the rope and watching Joe fall. Simon is able to express his feelings to the reader by using tone and putting his feelings into words. The […]

In chapter 7 of “Touching the Void”, Joe contrasts his feelings and experiences regarding the events that are taking place around him. When Joe uses contrast he allows for the reader to be given information that is later compared in future paragraphs. The reader is able to understand the changes in Joe’s feelings throughout the chapter and […]

In chapter 6 of “Touching the Void” Joe and Simon face numerous issues as they try to make their way down Siula Grande. The men encounter these issues mainly because Joe had just shattered his knee joint. Any attempt to descend the mountain was now particularly challenging the two men’s mental and physical strength. One could […]

In chapter 5 of “Touching the Void,” the reader is taken through an intense and adrenaline-filled area of the book. In this chapter, it highlights Joe when he shatters he knee joint after taking a fall. Joe and Simon experience feelings of fear and struggle as they become confronted with a major challenge. This is […]

“On the edge” is a pun that relates well to the events that occur in chapter 4 of “Touching the Void”. This is because Joe and Simon are on the boundary of survival throughout the events that occur. They are trying to safely make their way down the mountain and need to be cautious while […]

The lines that Joe uses to describe Joe reaching the summit show that Joe is searching for something inside of him that he has not yet found. This is shown when he illustrates his feelings of “what now” after he and Simon have achieved their goal of summiting Siula Grande. Even though Joe has reached […]